Working w/ Arrays

Constantly forgetting the difference between .slice() and .splice()?
I'm here to help you fix that. For good. No, seriously.

Become an Arrays Expert

In this interactive course, you'll dive deep into arrays: their methods, syntax, and use cases. You'll quickly become your team's expert or even nail that next job interview!

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Here's what we'll cover:

  • initializing arrays & accessing elements
  • pop, push, length, shift, unshift
  • for, forEach, and for..of
  • slice and splice
  • sort and includes
  • filter, map, and reduce
  • spread and destructuring
  • arrays of objects
  • interview questions
  • all other array methods

Test your knowledge

.splice() returns a portion of an array specified by providing start and end indices w/o modifying the original.

Hey friend! In this interactive course, we're going to dive deep into the array methods you will actually use at work and in projects. The only requirement is that you have some familiarity with JavaScript. We will cover the basics of creating, popping, and pushing - all the way to using reduce in helpful and elegant ways. We'll even practice some interview questions that are sure to pop up.

You'll note that I've also included a Bonus E-Book that covers everything we do in the course. I realize not everyone has access to great internet all day every day - so the E-Book is there when your ISP isn't.

By the end of the course, you'll be spending less time in the docs and more time doing what you actually want to be doing: writing excellent code! See you soon!


Jonathan Speek